The Instagram Experiment: The Goal – part one

Recently, I have been thinking of a system to help creatives begin a way to expose themselves to the world audience to hopefully gain a following and then even more hopefully gain their 1000 true fans. The aim of it is to help the creative gain some income from their chosen pursuit and make a career out if it as well.

However, I feel like I can talk the talk, but can I walk the walk? What did Morpheus say to Neo in the Matrix?

“There is a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path…


So can I do what I say I can do?

To test out and hopefully prove this is possible within a short period of time, I am unveiling…


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Gary Vee – I am giving it away for free!

If you know Gary Vee, you will know that his idea is to be kind, help everyone he can and not ask for anything then tell you he is being kind because he wants to beat the s*** out of you! He is really a bit of a crack up in that regard.

Of course, emotionally, you can connect to this and if it makes a difference to your life, you might engage him – so not free in a sense. It is a form of marketing, but the best kind too.

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GaryVee – on making money through flipping

Much of GaryVee’s advice is high level and very general. How can he possibly be giving direct advice unless he understands your situation right? Watching much of his content on YouTube (because that is where I consume content), he seems to be able to cut to the chase really quickly and give the person asking a solution pretty quickly. Sometimes he doesn’t get the situation straight away, but once he does, he is able to dispense advice that makes sense to the asker.

So, where does that leave us as the suburban hustlers?

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Who is GaryVee and why is he important to you as a budding entrepreneur?

Who is Gary Vaynerchuk and why is he important?

GaryVee is a mover and shaker in business and built his father’s business from a barely profitable business to a multi-million dollar business. Using his own money, he then built up his own business to do with modern communication for fortune 500 companies.

Most recently, he has gone on a social media campaign cum-blitz to ensure that…

  1. He makes a difference to budding entrepreneurs to ensure we see through the garbage stories and our own baggage (which is another form of garbage).
  2. That you can hustle and grind on the side to make extra cash through selling your useless garage content or going to garage sales and such.
  3. That his legacy (family and human) will be strong and unforgettable.
  4. That when the pending global downturn/meltdown occurs, that those larger companies will look to his business for the “bang for buck”.

So, he is attempting to speak to all people – and quite successfully too!

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The 1000 true fans: Making a living off your creative pursuit

If you are an artist or another kind of creative, I think I can say with a high degree of certainty that you are not in the business of selling. That any attempt to sell your art will make you feel like a sellout and that my friend, is seriously sad.

Are the days of patrons gone? Are the days of artisan guilds non existent? Does an Artist really need to be a struggling to feel worthy of calling oneself an ‘ARTIST’?

The answer is an emphatic NO to all of these questions. Patrons are plentiful and fans that don’t know that they are fans of yours yet, are in the millions… hundreds of millions.

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